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Five videos.

I feel as though I haven’t done this in awhile. Here are some videos hilarious or awesome for one reason or another. No connection between them, just some great, random stuff I hope you’ve seen.

1. Gun Report Fail

While I try to stay away from things and people who use the phrase “FAIL!” in real life, this video actually made me laugh out loud by myself in a public place. I felt silly holding back my laughter.

2. Triumph at Episode II ticket line

OK this one does not allow embedding so I implore you: click the link to watch the video. It is the segment from Late Night with Conan O’Brien (still reigns supreme as the best late night talk show) where Triumph the Insult Comic Dog goes to the waiting line for the premiere of Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones. I might even put this in the running for Top 10 Funniest Bits ever to be on any of Conan’s shows.

The Darth Vader joke is the freakin’ funniest thing ever.

3. Proof is in the Pudding

Thanks to my West Coast friend Nicholi for posting this on Upside-down Smile’s Facebook wall. This guy is from Germany and his videos are him explaining how ridiculous American idioms are to non-native English speakers. This one is my definitely my favorite.

4. Rainbow Sponge Lady

I’m not sure where I first saw this, might have been Neatorama. Regardless, this one is really a hoot. Colls and I have watched this numerous times and have been entertained each time. I love when she laughs in delight.

5. Life’s Too Short

This is the name of the new program written, directed, and acted in by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant. It follows the life of a showbiz dwarf, who is played by Warwick Davis. The few promos I’ve seen are pretty funny, especially considering the previous work Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant. These three men originally first met on the show Gervais/Merchant show Extras, where they did this scene, one of the funniest of the entire show.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.



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ways to stay busy in spain.

1. study. i haven’t really gotten too much homework, but it is a way to pass the time.
2. exercise. there is a gym about five minutes from my house, so that’s great. not super big, but it’s good enough. it’s weird though, they use all sorts of different units here, so the weights are in kilograms instead of pounds, and the treadmills measure distance in kilometers instead of in miles. weird. so i don’t ever really know what i’m lifting/running but whatever. it’s better than nothing.
3. party. i don’t know if this is the best way to stay busy, but it’s what the kids do, that’s for sure. they party hard. usually what this translates to for the american students is an hour or so of pre-gaming and ping pong at the local city park, and then going to “el paragua”, a big courtyard area which has a giant umbrella in the middle of it, and then going around to different bars, dancing where there’s a dance floor and hanging out. it’s not my favorite past time, but as i’m without almost all of my favorite past times here in spain, i’ll take what i can get.
4. well after i finished season 3 of the office, i was sort of without anything american and/or familiar to me, media-wise. so i downloaded season 1 of the ricky gervais show from itunes. oh my goodness. it’s six and a half hours of ricky gervais, stephen merchant, and karl pilkington just talking. and it is so funny. ricky and steve are the creators of the original bbc series the office, on which the american show is based. they are also the writers of the great hbo show extras. two incredibly hilarious shows. anyway, the ricky gervais show was originally just a podcast featuring ricky and steve and their preposterous, free-thinking friend karl just talking about stuff. mostly it’s karl spouting out the most ludicrous ideas and then ricky and steve laughing/maligning him. great stuff. it’s kept me entertained for the last week or so.

obviously there are more than four ways to pass the time in oviedo, but these are the only ones i feel like writing about. this weekend is just kind of a bore. most everybody went to barcelona, and i didn’t go with because of some extenuating circumstances, and now i’m stuck in oviedo with no one to go see. tomorrow i will probably take a nice long walk around the city with my buddy ipod and see what there is to see. but it’s weird being in a city like this on your own. there’s no one to go see that i know. i don’t feel at home with the language yet, so basically every single thing i could see or do is foreign to me. i can’t go anywhere and feel comfortable talking with a store clerk, or a museum guide, or even just juan schmo on the street. and that sucks. i got no beef with spanish, i just can’t speak it very well yet so i’m in an uncomfortable predicament. but it’s alright. i’m learning how to rock bittorrent on my mac, so that will provide a bit of home to me soon. and i don’t have my guitar! it’s killing me not having played for like over a month. ridiculous. at least during the week i have classes to occupy my mind and my time. hurry up and get here monday.


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i love finding the cold side of the pillow. when i climb into bed, i always flip my pillow around bunches of times to cool my ears off. my ears are always get red when i’m super tired. weird. anyway. right now i’m writing my first real “blog” in my bed with my new computer. is it superficial that i feel more productive now that i own a laptop? i have a color-coded calender set up with all my big events coming up in the next month. i have a to-do list, also color-coded. i’m worried this is a novelty rather than a real life organizational change. i hope to keep this blog updated at least once every day or so once i get settled in spain. especially with pictures and stuff. and spanish phrases. that would be pretty exciting.

so anyway. i spent the day hanging out with a buddy, doing the most lazy stuff in the world. and it was great. in no great detail, i woke up midmorning, spent the day watching a few movies, playing wii, going on a hy-vee run, then coming back to watch the series finale of the incredibly hilarious show extras. what a lazy day. it was so great. and i don’t feel bad about it at all. i’m 21, maybe i should be spending my free days getting ready for my mcat or my trip to spain or something adult, but it feels so good to have a day like this right after a long semester. i only have one or two more days of this kind of living before i head back to kc and spend time with my family and really start getting ready for spain. days like this i really feel my age, like young slash old, young enough to not have too many responsibilities and be able to spend the day shooting zombies and eating pizza but old enough to drink if i wanted, or run an errand at 1:30 in the morning. this is such a weird age to be but it’s nice. sometimes it can be stressful and crazy and nerve-wracking but sometimes it’s great. today it was great. tomorrow it will probably be great too. earlier tonight i watched this show on hbo called extras. it’s about this guy (ricky gervais, who i will hopefully blog about soon) who works as an extra on movie sets and finally gets a break, but it’s on this horribly camp tv show. he struggles with sacrificing his artistic integrity and dignity for fame and fortune. and tonight’s show was the series finale, the last hour and a half special that closed the whole story out. it was all about this guy’s struggle, alienating his friends, and also how his friend who also works as an extra hasn’t been able to catch a break in show business and so she quits the acting scene and just struggles to make it working odd jobs, and she deals with all sorts of “what happened to my life?” types of issues. some of the best writing ricky gervais has ever done. for an hour and a half i slipped back into thinking all about what i’m doing right now, what i’m studying, what i’m trying to accomplish, where i want to get to, what happens if i don’t. it was a nice reality check before i started killing zombies again. lazy days like this are always great, but it’s also nice to stay grounded and aware of where you are in your life, and that hour and a half was perfect.

sometimes i worry if i’m worrying myself to death. how ridiculous is that? i should just be trying to my best at whatever i’m doing. instead i get nostalgic at age 21 and prematurely worry about my future wife and kids and grandkids at this age. why do i think about these things all the time? does anybody else my age worry this much? of course they do. who doesn’t. it just sucks that nobody ever seems to voice these thoughts.

in ten years none of this will matter. i probably won’t be blogging anymore, i’ll probably be trying to provide for my family and keep my garage organized and worry about moles in my front yard or something. hopefully. or maybe something completely different. who knows. i am just doing my best, which is all anybody can ever do. deep huh? pretty good for a first blog. ok i’m going to bed. there are all sorts of zombies that need killing tomorrow.


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