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Pop Culture Q&A, Vol. 5: With which fictional character would you most like to drink?

Man this is such a great question, and for my own peace of mind I’d like to say that my number one character jumped into my head immediately, prior to me going through the list of characters chosen by the AV Club commentators (my number one is on their list). So here are my top three.

braverman3. One of the funniest scenes in all of NBC’s family dramedy Parenthood is when Adam gets stoned because he unwittingly eats a pot-laced brownie. Seeing Adam under the influence of anything was a pure joy, as he crashes the girls’ bachelorette party and starts eating all of the fancy food Julia slaved over. Causing a decent amount of chaos at the party, he proceeds to start fawning over his wife Kristina and then begins a dance party with everyone. He seems like exactly the kind of guy I’d want to drink with, dorky, genuine, just happy about life and happy about getting a little buzzed. I mean honestly, look at this picture of him dancing. You couldn’t ask for a better drinking buddy.

2. I hesitated when I first thought of this trio, but because I’m so fascinated by their outlook on life and music and others that I couldn’t resist putting Rob, Dick and Barry from High Fidelity on my list. highfidelityI’d prefer to be drinking with them at a Chicago bar after their record store had closed for the day, much like they do when they meet up with local singer-songwriter Marie DeSalle. It looked relaxed and fun, a few coworkers (I’d hesitate to call these guys actual friends) just shooting the shit about life, music, and their dumb customers. And nearly everything Barry says causes me serious laughing fits so it’d be guaranteed to be a fun time.

1. Again, for the record, Leslie Knope was the first person that popped into my head, even before reading the AV Club’s list. She is the quintessential sweet drunk, she uses a buzz to expound on her life and her feelings towards those closest to her. She’d be a great conversationalist to drink with, someone with stories of her own but would listen for hours if you opened up. leslie-knopeAnd her drunk talking is possibly the funniest of any fictional character I’ve ever seen. Just a few examples:

“You make a better door than a guy.”

“I’m fart and I’m smunny and…I’m a prize.”

“I didn’t say you were a stupid jerk I said you were being stupid and acting like a jerk.”

These are way funnier in context, but Leslie is still the best.

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