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old blog #2: i own a giga pet named "A".

i’m excited. november started, a huge test is finished, the next two weeks will keep me sufficiently busy but not crazy, and then thanksgiving break is going to rule. for three main reasons.
1. the wednesday before thanksgiving week, savion glover is performing at hancher auditorium at my university. most people probably wouldn’t know savion glover by his name, but if you are anywhere near my age and grew up watching sesame street(one two three four five, six seven eight nine ten, eleven twelve-elve-elve-elve-elve-elve!)(pinball machine cartoon), savion was the black guy with dreds who tap danced all the time.
how could you not love this guy?
he will be performing with a live band, so…a killer tap dancer and a live band at hancher? it’s gonna be a fantastic show. what makes it even better is that i have a midterm directly before the show so the show is like a huge treat. and my girlfriend is coming down for it so…how could it be better? if savion invited me on stage to dance with him? yes that would make it better. but that’s the only way.
2. as i mentioned before, colleen is coming down for savion’s show and then she and i are driving back to uni that night. i’m skipping the last two days of class that week and extending my break to eleven days. unbelieveable. the first five/six days will be spent at uni with friends, getting a feel for my new university. i’m psyched.
3. for actual thanksgiving, i’ll be probably in kansas city. which is cool. i’m not ecstatic about going home, but it will be really nice to see my sisters again. thanksgiving day will rule. lots of food. lots of lazing around. post-thanksgiving cold turkey sandwiches are awesome.
so november is bringing good things. and i want you to know about these:
find this movie playing somewhere and watch it.
1. half nelson. i just saw it tonight and really liked it. still digesting it so i’m not even gonna say too much. other than ryan gosling is a phenomenal actor. saw it at iowa’s indie theater, the bijou, which is a sweet place. one of the few things i’ll really miss when i’m at uni. check this out, they are having a FREE pre-release showing of the tenacious d movie coming out, how sweet is that? i’m going.
“if you want to see the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.”
2. ricky gervais. funniest man on television? possibly. star of the office, which was originally a bbc show before it became popular here in america. and if you like the steve carell version on nbc, it’s a hundred times funnier with this dude. and his new show on hbo, extras, is unbelieveably funny as well. i can’t really communicate how much this guy makes me laugh through a facebook note so…just watch him if you ever get a chance.
i’m done. i’ve got lots of other stuff i’d love to tell you about but it’s late. so happy november. i hope you’ll enjoy it as much as i will. and i really need to figure out how to communicate ideas in some other way than a numbered list. that is so trite. and i’d like to know how to make my photos bigger. adam? anybody?jon

p.s. i really hope somebody understood my pinball machine cartoon reference. if you did will you let me know? i have never, in my entire life, met anyone who knew what that meant other than my older sister hannah. so if you know what that is, tell me. i’ll probably freak out.

thoughts from 2009 jon:
a. i wrote this on november 3, 2006.
b. savion glover is an INCREDIBLE dancer. that show was one of the coolest live performances i’ve ever seen.
c. half nelson is still a great movie. watch it if you haven’t.
d. i’m going to write more in depth about ricky gervais’ brilliance sometime in the future.
e. i needed to ease up on the list format. i used TWO numbered lists in this one post. confusing
f. the pinball sketch. number 11:

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old blog #1: Web + Log = Blog

I used to think the whole concept of blogs was really arrogant, like it’s just one person going on some rant thinking everybody else really wants to hear their thoughts and opinions about the world. and what do I know, maybe lots of people do want to hear the the writer’s thoughts. it’s just the whole idea that the writer thinks his thoughts should be read/heard by everyone. it just seemed high-handed to me. until lately. i recently read a fantastic review of FutureSex/LoveSounds in a friend’s note, and it really convinced me that blogging is alright. not conceited, just a handy way to let people get into your mind a little if they want. ok enough of this intro. here are some things i’ve been into for the last week or two.1. Most people know i’m not a huge sports buff, but even I was following the World Series. and while i don’t have a tv, i spent game 5 clicking the refresh button on si.com every 30-60 seconds. it made for an exciting night. go cards.

2. organic chemistry…as much as that might be lame, it’s actually really interesting to me. unfortunately i’m not smart enough to be a chem major. shame. it’s cool now that we’re actually getting into practical stuff, we can do all sorts of reactions and crap. actually not in real life, but on paper, i can do reactions involving alcohols and ethers and epoxides. pretty cool.
It’s called 18-crown-6 because it has 18 total atoms in the ring and 6 total oxygen atoms…and it looks like a crown.

3. bob dylan. he’s just really good. that’s all.

4. this whole “my shares” deal on facebook is really cool. at least to me. it’s weird, i really thought that this blog feature and now the shares would catch on really fast, but not many of my friends write many notes, and so far the shares thing hasn’t gone over too well. which is really too bad, because it’s a way cool thing. i’ve only put up a few things, but i’ll add quite a bit as time goes on.

5. i read today that reese witherspoon and ryan phillippe separated? i’m pissed.

Come on. Seven years of gorgeous red carpet snapshots and you’re calling it quits?
6. i’m transferring to uni.so that’s all. i have to look over some notes for a biology quiz tomorrow. my bio t.a. has such a big butt, it’s really hard not to stare. and he’s a dude…so it gets a little awkward. but it’s just so big! later.


p.s. Mathmatical equations – actual numbers = really annoying.

thoughts from 2009 jon:

a. this blog was written october 30, 2006.
b. the friend i was referring to who wrote the album review was adam. you can read that blog here on facebook and his actual blog is here. great stuff.
c. the thing about my shares on facebook was way back when facebook was intuitive and cool. remember, back when high school and college were separated? when “apps” didn’t exist? when you actually had to be in school to get an account? anyway, the notes feature was brand new and it was an easy way for me to start blogging without having to sign up for an actual blogging site, which i thought was lame.
d. the post script was referring to when people write sentences like “britney spears + last few years = so white trash!” i think i had read a sentence like that before i wrote it and it annoyed me.
e. since the font from facebook carried over to this website, i think i’m just gonna leave it as it is. it’s a little disfunctional it seems like but it’ll have to do.

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