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we’re marley and marley….whoooooaaaaa!

it’s november 20th. at work, i’ve taken to putting on christmas movies when i have a chance, and i have been hearing some serious grumbling from customers about it.

“isn’t it a little early to be putting on christmas movies?”

“we haven’t even had thanksgiving!”

etcetera. and it’s annoying to me. you hear this every christmastime, people get so annoyed that businesses start putting out christmas merch really early and people are putting lights up too early and so on. honestly though, it’s always bugged me, and a few weeks ago i finally realized why.

when i was a kid, december would roll around and man would it go slow. like seriously the slowest month ever. it just took so so long to get to christmas. and as a kid i didn’t know how to appreciate the season at all. and nowadays, as i get older, time goes so much faster. my weeks have been flying by so quickly. and all i want to do is hold on to feeling you get during december. it is such a great feeling and comes only once a year, why wouldn’t we try to grasp onto it as long as we could?

i understand some people don’t like the commercialization of the holiday and all that, and i concede that wal-mart did have a gigantic christmas tree up literally on november 1st, but that’s not gonna stop me from putting on the ‘a charlie brown christmas’ album while i study or watching christmas movies at work.

by the way, Top Five Christmas Movies To Play At Work:
5. Elf
4. Jingle All The Way
3. I’ll Be Home For Christmas
2. The Santa Clause
1. Muppet Christmas Carol

home alone, home alone 2, and a charlie brown christmas are all excluded from this list even though they are all very near and dear to my heart. the home alones aren’t on there because everybody everywhere thinks they are great and for me, watching them more than once a year is too much, and a charlie brown christmas is too sweet to put it on and not give it your full attention.

in two days when i open at work, i’ll probably play each of the movies on my list at least once. and thanksgiving is still a week away. bring on the cheer.


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