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This is why I don’t scare people.

‘Tis the season. I still laugh every time I see this.

Happy Halloween.


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let’s be done with this month already.

so today was halloween. i was a die. would’ve worked better had i had another die to make a pair, but it was alright. i wouldn’t have dressed up at all but i was scheduled to work and i was told i had to. so i put this together in the last two days. pretty resourceful for zero dollars. unfortunately it was lost on some people; one guy said, “hey, a jack-in-the-box! nice!” and another old man said “what are you supposed to be, a computer?” yes, sir. a computer. come on people.

i hate halloween. it’s such a messed up holiday. i don’t even like calling it a holiday. there is no joy in halloween. it’s a day based totally on fear and evil. and sugar. even from a kid standpoint, there is so little value to be found in such a terrible day.

kids dress up, go to people’s houses and say “trick or treat.” trick or treat! they are threatening all these people for their candy! it’s just teaching kids greed, and that dressing up and being someone you aren’t is ok. as far as older humans go, it’s a day where it’s ok to let that one little “weird” part of you show. this guy came into work tonight with make up all over his face, like he was crying blood slash got cut in his head, and he had painted his shirt so it looked like it was all bloody. and nobody bats an eye! how is that ok?

as far as college town goes, it’s always just slut fest (insert current year). the short skirt and low tops are out in droves, like it’s their last day on earth to show off some cleavage. go put some pants on girls, it’s october 31st, probably too cold for anybody to be wearing what you’re wearing.

and i do not understand what our society’s obsession is with fear and gore in the movies. there is something to say about being excited, by like a roller coaster or something, but adrenaline from fear is completely different, and to me, it’s a terrible feeling. but tons of our scary movies were rented tonight. sucks too, because this last month i have been getting so many people asking me “what’s a good scary movie?” since i never watch them, ever, i have nothing to say. i always enjoy when people ask my opinion about films because i work at a movie place, and i pride myself on being able to answer 90% of the movie questions i get asked, but that question is the worst. and i’ve been getting it all month.

october in general is just a sucky month. it’s right in the middle of nothing. right after my birthday and just before the best part of the year. and halloween caps it off. plus midterms. awful.

one good thing happened tonight though. this girl spent a while browsing around the store and then came up and said “what’s a good movie?” not the easiest question to answer, since there is literally only one parameter to that question, it has to be good. so i asked her to specify a little bit, and she thought for a second and then said “one that will make me cry.” holy cow am i the man for this job. i immediately took her to eternal sunshine of the spotless mind and then just for some extra icing threw in high fidelity. awesome. she was happy to cause she had wanted to see both for awhile. i was able to rent out two of my Top 5 Favorites to this poor girl looking for some non-halloween themed entertainment. plus they are both in our 2 for $1 section, which is totally free until november 17th because family video is celebrating their 30th anniversary. what a deal. another day, another satisfied customer.

i’m just happy halloween has now been over for an hour and a half, and i can start focusing on november. such a great month. i’d like to leave you with this, the funniest halloween-themed video i’ve ever seen. watch it like three times, and you will probably laugh a lot by the end.


p.s. shout out to apcΒ for the awesome ‘stume idea.

p.p.s. i just realized that my whole outlook is obviously biased since my family never celebrated halloween when i was growing up. so that’s really why i don’t like it. part product of my environment, part it’s a crap holiday.

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