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1 day more.

in just under 36 hours i get on a plane headed for madrid. 4 hours after that i get on a plane to chicago. so exciting.

the last few days have been good. finishing up school work, going to my last two real classes today, getting all my grades back. am i going to the be the guy who puts his grade on the world wide web for everyone to see?

yes. i ended up with “sobresaliente” in all my classes. which means straight A’s. holler. it’s not much of an accomplishment to be honest. i mean i went to almost all my classes almost every day, with an occasional skip, i always did homework when i got it, but really, as i’ve said before, the classes here were really easy. not all that difficult to get A’s. so this semester has been mainly improving my spanish and my GPA. all good things.

tomorrow will be a day full of packing. we’re still supposed to have class until the end of the week, but the one class i have left, like three of us showed up on tuesday so our professor told us he’d take whoever showed up on thursday out for a drink. which will be fun, this guy is a way cool guy. extremely intelligent linguist. there were lots of times in his translation class where he would go off an a tangent and tell us where words came from, he knows tons about old english, i mean like olde english, and he speaks english perfectly well. sounds like he’s from england. so that should be a good time. i also want to run a few errands; i still have one or two more things to pick up before i head out of town. oh yeah duh. the most important thing happening tomorrow. me and my ping pong buddies are tagging the tables. the ping pong tables out in the park are already covered in graffiti, so we thought we’d leave our own mark on this country before heading back. so that should be happening too. but that’ll be about it.

here’s my main dilemma now. my first plane leaves at 7:30 am friday morning. the bus to the airport leaves at 6 am. if i were to sleep thursday night, i would have to be up and showered and totally packed by 5:30 am. sounds pretty sucky. my other alternative is to stay out all night on thursday until 5 am or so, shower, get my stuff ready by 5:30 am, catch my bus, catch my plane, sleep for an hour until i get into madrid, stay awake for 4 more hours until my plane to chicago takes off and then i think my body would be tired enough that i would just konk out for 7 hours and wake up in the states. how ideal would that be? perfect i think. but the staying out all thursday night sounds awful. for one thing, i’m definitely not going to drink anything, a trans-atlantic flight hungover/buzzed/whatever sounds like the worst thing in history. my arrival to the united states is too important to me to drink at all. another con is that while i will not be drinking, almost everybody else will, because it’s most people’s last night where they can sleep in. friday night is most everybody else’s last night but they all have early flights. so if i stay up and out on thursday, i will be sober, tired, and surrounded by drunk friends. sounds awful. or i could try to stay up all night, just in my room. BORING. so i’m torn. i think i’ll just feel it out tomorrow night and see what happens. no matter what, i’ll be on a plane in approx. 36 hours heading home. what a great thought.

today, i made possibly the best purchase i’ve made yet this whole semester. CHECK IT.

HAWT. oh yes, you’re seeing correctly. they end above the knee. so great. throw on a white polo with the collar popped, some preworn thong sandals, and a few squirts of abercrombie fierce, and i’d get a free cup at any frat party in america.

that’s about all. after a quick proofread, i’ve managed to mention my straight A’s AND include a picture of my butt. well done douchebag.



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