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you don’t know jack!

i tend to exaggerate often in my daily speech. two of my most common embellishments are that something is “the best” or “the worst.” and since i work at a video store, these are mostly used in reference to movies, tv shows, or actors. i used to think that the office (us) was probably my favorite show on tv, and then i discovered arrested development. really absorbing arrested, and seeing the office’s last two seasons of unfunny episodes, led me to replace the office with arrested development as the reigning favorite television show of mine.

it’s nearly time to pass the torch, arrested. i just finished watching the third season of 30 rock for the second time and my goodness. what an incredibly funny show. i can honestly (and without any exaggeration) say that it is, by far, the funniest show on television right now. there isn’t any show that even comes close to touching 30 rock. this blog wasn’t going to be about 30 rock however, so all i do want to say about it is that to me, it seems so similar to arrested development, so if you’ve seen one but not the other, please go watch the other. they’re both outstanding shows.
i wanted to bring attention to jack mcbrayer, the actor who plays kenneth ellen parcell on 30 rock. i recently saw him late night with jimmy fallon about a month ago, and then again on the tonight show a couple weeks ago. he is very funny in person, and even better, very much like his character on 30 rock. here he is on jimmy fallon.
i find him really funny. and he’s just one of the many funny characters on 30 rock. so watch it.
p.s. jimmy fallon uses the word insane too often to describe things.

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