3 articles/1 video

In the last few months, the AV Club have published three articles that I’d like to share with you.

Each article, in its own way, deals with the struggles of women in our modern society. One discusses the balance between motherhood and careerhood as portrayed in pop culture, the next deals with the stigma of weight and personal beauty, and the third is a glimpse into the career of a lesbian stand up comedian.

God knows there is more than enough blustering on women’s issues by the group least qualified to speak with experience on such issues: white, American men. So I want to leave most of the discussion to the writers of these articles, because they discuss these themes gracefully and intelligently.

Secondly, I want to share a video that you might’ve already seen, as it made the Internet rounds a couple weeks back. I had been putting off watching it; it was actually my little sister’s posting it to Facebook and writing a quick bit about it that made me finally watch it.

Without exaggeration, this is easily the most affecting “viral” type video I’ve ever seen.

This was incredibly convicting to watch, because I know I’ve used language like this in the past. Maybe not specifically referring to someone’s inferiority as “like a girl,” but other language that degrades and trivializes females. And however innocuous it seems, it completely fosters this culture of women as less thans, not as good as, weak-willed and unimportant. I don’t want my little woman growing up in a culture where her self-confidence is savagely attacked every time she turns the TV on, or walks through a store’s check-out aisle filled with magazines promising to make her body look like it needs to look, or is told she can’t do something like a boy can.

In the midst of reading these articles, reflecting on only a few of the myriad of struggles that women have to face throughout their lives, the strength and the confidence of the young girls in this video is so beautiful and inspiring. I hope they encourage you to be strong, like a girl, and to fight for real gender equality for our young ones.

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