Reading Rainbow Update


Lots has happened for this campaign in the last week, and I want to implore you to donate if you haven’t. As a true testament to the beauty of what this campaign stands for, a guy I truly can’t stand, Seth McFarlane, has committed to matching all donations given to the campaign from $4 million to the $5 million mark. Since the campaign is currently funded at at $4.3 million, if it ended today, McFarlane would donate ~$300,000. This also means that if the campaign gets fully funded at $5 million, McFarlane’s matching donation will bump the campaign all the way to $6 MILLION DOLLARS.

Not only is this way more than the campaign ever hoped to reach at the beginning, it also means they will be able to provide the Reading Rainbow resources to 12,500 classrooms in need. Their original goal was 2,500 classrooms, and they might be able to increase that number tenfold.

Again, this demonstrates the true beauty of this campaign. I dislike Seth McFarlane and all of his work, but the fact that we could both support the same cause is awesome.

On top of this, the Reading Rainbow Kickstarter has officially broken into the Top 5 most successful campaigns in the history of Kickstarter. This was celebrated by the other four campaigns contributing in their own way. That’s right, other Kickstarter campaigns are getting behind LeVar Burton and his team.

Each is contributing a limited edition reward package to the campaign. The Pebble team is contributing a smart watch reward package. The Veronica Mars campaign has set up live book readings with the cast of the movie. And so on. It’s such a cool display of how much good will there is for the mission of Reading Rainbow.

So if you haven’t donated yet, please do. Even if it’s five dollars. Every little bit helps. Whatever you donate will be matched and there are so many cool reward packages to choose from as a thank you from the Reading Rainbow team. I have so much faith in this campaign and the mission of the team behind it. Literacy and learning make this world a remarkably more fulfilling place for those who have them. The Reading Rainbow team believes this and I’m incredibly proud to be supporting them in this mission.


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