Happy New Year (Now Do Everything Better)

With a new year comes the inevitable barrage of articles about the new year. 10 Life Hacks for 2014!, 5 Goals for Healthier Living 2014!, 3 Challenges You Should Take On In 2014! And like many New Years Resolutions, they are often quickly abandoned. That’s why I’ve never been a big resolutions person. I tend to dislike fads, and I’ve always viewed resolutions as fads. However, in the last few months I’ve been thinking a lot about goals, especially long term goals, and I wanted to see if I could find some short-term goals or resolutions that I wouldn’t quickly give up this year. I picked 6 goals that I really like because they are valuable and achievable.

  • Journal for 31 consecutive days

This challenge is courtesy of Art of Manliness (fantastic site if you’ve never checked them out). The goal of this challenge is to simply journal something for an entire month straight. What’s great about AoM’s take on this challenge is that they’ve put constraints around the concept of journaling, making it easier to begin and easier to continue for a lot of people. It can be incredibly daunting to look at a blank piece of paper (or blank blog post in this case) and start writing. It’s taken me 8 years of writing to get pretty good at it, and I’m still pretty bad at it. AoM has provided a way around this by giving a short template for each day. Something to spark your creativity. I have actually only looked at the few days’ entries because I want each day to be a new surprise. I want to go into each day of the journaling challenge blind and journal my gut response to each day’s assignment. If you’ve tried journaling before and given it up, or never tried but wanted to, this is a great way to kickstart a new habit. If nothing else, you will get to the end of the 31 days and realize journaling isn’t for you and that’s just as productive as solidifying a new habit.

  • Listen to a new album for _ days straight, write about it

I’m leaving this one pretty open-ended for now because I’m not sure how functional it is for me to put in hard numbers at this point. I could choose random albums that I’ve had in my collection for years, or I could go with new albums I’ve added in the last 6 months-year and not listened to yet. I could also go for an album review a week or every two weeks or each month. I’m going to play with this one a little and see what takes.

  • Read a book every two weeks (average), write about it

This is a pretty lofty goal and I’ll be OK if I don’t hit it. I think the key here is to mix up the kind of books I read. Biographies, autobiographies, fiction, sci-fi, classics, new stuff. Can’t have all 1000-page old books. I’d like to finish Stephen King’s Dark Tower series, read at least one presidential biography, a few musician biographies, a few classics I didn’t read in high school (e.g. Lord Of The Flies, etc.), and maybe a few books to be published yet this year.

  • Drink less alcohol

First off, I’d like to qualify this goal by saying that I am not a lush. I enjoy drinking alcohol, but I can abstain if I choose. And with the advent of Baby, I have definitely decreased my alcohol intake in the last 4 months. It helps that my wife doesn’t drink at all, but it would save even more money and health if I cut it out completely as well. And while “drink less” is not a good goal to have (good goals need to be measurable), I’m going to start by shooting for a month of no drinking. Where it goes after that, we shall see.

  • Complete Insanity again (twice, or once and run a marathon)

Like how I sneaked that marathon goal in? After the last year, what was once the quintessential unreachable goal in my head (running a marathon) has now become something completely doable. The main problem I foresee is that the bulk of training would occur during the first few months of Baby’s arrival, which I have been told (by every freaking adult who finds out we’re having a baby. Hey adults, do me a favor and rather than tell me how miserable the few months of baby-raising are, tell me how much long-term satisfaction you get from being a parent. I already know I’m not going to sleep for two months.) are some of the toughest months for new parents. The fact that we will be adjusting to a new person, new sleep schedule, and basically new everything makes me less inclined to commit to full-blown marathon training. A good alternative to this would be to complete Insanity again, preferably twice. I’m definitely going to start it in the next week, which puts me in the middle of March when I finish, and then I could immediately start it again and it would be done around the time Baby shows up. A marathon is definitely in my sights though. Just possibly not this year.

  • New blog post once a week (average)

This has actually been a goal of mine for about the last six months, and I’ve kept it up. I went from posting something every few weeks or months to on average, once a week. I’m insanely pleased with my output, and I want to increase it slightly in 2014. I’m shooting for 5 posts a month. It shouldn’t be too difficult either, if I actually keep up with as much media as I plan on digesting.

6 goals for 2014. What goals are you setting for this year? What goals have you set in the past and completed, or not completed? (Secret 7th goal: increase readership through reader engagement.)


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3 responses to “Happy New Year (Now Do Everything Better)

  1. Dad

    Fourth goal included no acknowledgement of parents, who urged this all along! 🙂

  2. Rachel

    These are pretty thoughtful goals, good luck with them! I, incidentally haven’t made goals for myself since I became a parent… which is nothing to be scared of (like it sounds you are hearing a lot about) because you and your wife are very capable at learning new things and adjusting to life. Good luck, ENJOY it!! (both the baby and the goals!)

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