The Voice, Season 3, Semi-Finals

Unless I am enraged by the outcome of this season of The Voice, this will most likely be the only thing I write about this season, which has been a lot of fun to watch. This has definitely been the season with the most talent. Not saying they are the best, but there are more quality singers than there have been in past seasons. And not lots of coach drama this season, which has been a welcome change from Season 2.

But we’re at the semi-finals, so it’s time for a contestant breakdown.

Nicholas David:

Without a single doubt in my mind, Nicholas has the most unique tone of this season. Until SPOILER Amanda was eliminated last week (other than Jemaine winning over Juliet last season, Amanda’s elimination over Nicholas was by far the most shocking turn of events of any season), Nicholas and Amanda were tied for my favorite contestant. Now Nicholas is all I’ve got. He has an insanely unique voice, something that is so rarely heard in popular music today, and something that it sorely needs. Hate to quote Rob Thomas from earlier in the season but he definitely sounds like Bill Withers. If you’ve never heard Bill Withers, YouTube “Hope She’ll Be Happier” and get the tissues ready. Nicholas evokes those same emotions with his voice. It’s powerful, it’s surprisingly versatile, and he just sings from his soul. It will be a crime when he doesn’t win.

Cassadee Pope:

I’m torn on Cassadee. Colleen and I have been having discussions on which scenario is worse, Cassadee winning it all or Trevin winning it all. Here are the reasons I dislike Cassadee. She offers nothing original. Just because she cries during a song because she’s thinking of her absent father doesn’t mean she’s bringing anything new to it. Sorry Cassadee, but 2002 called and it wants it’s pop-punk back. Avril Lavigne is so culturally unimportant that she’s resorted to marrying the Nickel Back singer. Do you really want to end like that, Cassadee? Now, here’s why I would rather her win over Trevin. She isn’t actually bad. She has the rare pitchy moment, but really she’s just fine. Just forgettable. There are Cassadee’s that are on the radio so really, it’d be fine if she won. And it’s very likely that it’ll happen.

Trevin Hunte:

OK. How the hell has he made it to the Final 4? I get that the guy has a good voice, but wow is he inconsistent with anything outside of his soulful ballads. And even then, is he faaaaar pitchier than anyone left. Or anyone in the Top 6. Or the Top 8. His performance in the semi-finals of “Wind Beneath My Wings” was really bad. He was landing notes just so flat, and his final note, the showstopper, the note that should be saying “I deserve to keep going America!” was flat. I mean, really flat. I get that he emotes well, but that is all he can do. He is a one-trick pony, and not even that great at that one trick. Cassadee is a bore, but at least she can hit notes she needs to. Trevin is a loose cannon. The best example of this was his performance of Usher’s Scream. Up to this point, he had done only ballads, and done them in his normal, over-the-top way. Scream was different though, because it was fast. He had to dance around the stage. He couldn’t keep his breath. There hasn’t been a performance this entire season that was as out of control as this one. Pitchy and out of control. I wrote him off after that one. And from there on out, he’s been going downhill. He can only do ballads, and for some reason the coaches will not give him a single critical note. So frustrating to watch. On top of that, if he wins, it will be three black men in a row. This is American Idol’s problem. For like a billion seasons in a row, the winners have been white men doing acoustic Dave Matthews type music. BLAH. They’ve all been forgettable. If Trevin wins, he will be forgotten in a week’s time and go nowhere.

Terry McDermott:

With the Final 4, Terry’s easily my second favorite. Is he a one-trick pony like Trevin? I’m a little bummed to say yes. But holy hell is he outstanding. The dude cannot sing a wrong note. And he takes on insanely difficult songs to sing, and hits them all out of the park. Where Trevin is a fluke, Terry is the real deal. I’d be very happy if he won because he truly does have a powerful voice. I wish he’d saved his performance of McCartney/Wings’ Maybe I’m Amazed until later on in the season because he did it early and it was easily one of my Top 3 Favorite Performances of the entire season. Terry is my dark horse. I don’t think Nicholas can take it all the way, and I really hope that Terry will take it when Nicholas inevitably gets eliminated.

So there are my semi-final thoughts on Season 3. Great season, fun additions with the steals and the elimination process. They should find some other name for the steal aspect or actually make it a steal thing, where one coach can take another contestant from another coach. It’s not a steal if Adam takes Amanda when Cee Lo has already said “I want Trevin over Amanda.” And the elimination process, where contestants are saved strictly on the basis of vote numbers, is the perfect way to showcase how bad of a coach Christina is and how dumb America is in their voting. Christina had the worst team after blind auditions and battle rounds by far, and she wasn’t able to hide behind a faulty elimination system. Conversely, it makes me angry to see how poorly America votes when Amanda gets dumped while Trevin and Cassadee both stay. But them’s the rules I guess. We’ll see how Usher and Shakira do in place of Cee Lo and Christina next season. Anybody is an improvement over Christina, but Usher in place of Cee Lo? Downgrade central. I desperately hope to see Cee Lo go out with a win with Nicholas.


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