The Ole Kansas City Shuffle

Here is my obligatory explanation for why I’ve switched blog sites. Blogger hadn’t done anything innovative for a long time, and just recently they’ve introduced some new display options. Which kind of sucked. They looked like cheap Tumblr rip offs. Very surprising seeing as how Google owns Blogger and most of what Google does is awesome and cutting edge and hard to say goodbye to.

So I started shopping around other blog sites. I signed up for Tumblr after like thirty seconds of browsing the site. Ended up being a bit premature. Tumblr looks absolutely beautiful; it’s as Apple-y as you can get without actually being an Apple product. Very sleek user interface. A few pretty huge problems though. No importing function was probably the biggest turn-off for me, as I’d written 150+ blogs on Blogger and really wanted to preserve those thoughts on whatever new blog I started. I started to transfer a few old blogs manually, just to see how long it would take, and after realizing it would seriously take weeks and/or months to get everything switched, decided it certainly wasn’t worth it. And really, Tumblr and I just had some core value differences. It’s much more of a micro-blogging site (e.g. Twitter, or any other blog service that isn’t meant specifically for long-form blogs) and I wanted a service that would stimulate my creativity and challenge me to write more than 140 characters. I mean this much less as an insult towards Twitter than it sounds. Twitter is great for lots of people, and I am not one of those people. If my brain could come up with any of the hilarious things that are put on Twitter by any of these people*, I’d say forget it and be a Twitterer exclusively.

But my brain doesn’t work like that. Or at least I am actively trying to keep it from working like that. I’m afraid if I join the microblogging movement, I will never be able to do a long-form blog again. So Tumblr was out.

And then I gave WordPress a try. I seem to always be following in Adam’s footsteps, but the guy clearly knows what he’s doing on the social media front, and so here I am. WordPress initially seemed a bit daunting, as it is an entire website publishing suite and would be a great place to go if you want to set up a site for your local business or something of that nature. But I stumbled upon the free blogging service and here we are. The importing function worked fairly well, but it did give me a chance to do a fair amount of updating categories and tags (something Blogger didn’t distinguish in their taxonomic classification) and fix broken links, that sort of thing.

So here I am. WordPress and I are linked inextricably for years to come. And thanks to you for reading. In an age of instant information gratification, I enjoy stretching my brain’s creativity and I’m glad you enjoy reading the output.


*These people (alphabetically)…

  • @adampaulcooper
  • @Andy_Richter
  • @azizansari
  • @ConanOBrien
  • @JimGaffigan
  • @nealbrennan
  • @normmacdonald
  • @pattonoswalt

…among others.


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2 responses to “The Ole Kansas City Shuffle

  1. good to see you over here, beanblog. I’m sure I’ll be seein ya on twitter sometime soon too. thanks for the shouts outs.

  2. also, I recommend following @bluthquotes.

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