Thought it was an appropriate background. I was close to choosing something else; it’s almost sensory overload. I also figured out how to make the entire blog space wider so it will stop cutting off the right side of YouTube videos I embed. Niiice.

In approximately 4 hours, Semester 1 is done. Today Colleen said, “If you think of it like a pie, you’re 1/4th done with the pie!” What a delicious metaphor. I would say my graduate school experience so far has been like French Silk.

Speaking of blogs, this is a super sweet one that was featured on Neatorama. These two guys decided to pick a random place in the world and stay there for three months, their thinking being that three months is a good amount of time to get to know the location, not as well as the locals but certainly better than the average tourists. The main reason it caught my eye was that their first 91 days was spent in Oviedo, Spain. Going through all their blog posts was very reminiscent for me, as I recognized tons of the places they visited. It was cool to see somebody else living in the place where I lived, taking pictures of foreign places that became so commonplace to me and my classmates. So it won’t be nearly as great if you haven’t been, but it’s certainly worth a peruse. The duo are currently in Savannah, Georgia, taking pictures, chattin’ up the locals, and experiencing Georgia as it’s meant to be experienced. I guess. Who knows, I’ve never been to Georgia. Here’s their blog:

Savannah & Oviedo

So that’s cool. I also wanted to put up the final project I worked on for my computing class. I worked with a guy named Jon on it; surprising we didn’t come up with some clever play on having the same name. Our project was to design a site or system that was interactive for web users and met some information need. Clearly, we went above and beyond that. Check it out: Live in Iowa City. Jon came up with the idea and I wrote a killer proposal and then we put the site together. That’s not completely accurate. Jon constructed the majority of the site since he had access to an external server and had some experience in PHP coding and I contributed a few pretty simple HTML coding pages, Javascript, etc. Right now, the site has a lot of things to update and fix, but the functionality of most everything is there. Be sure to click the events to see the sweet drop down animation. After we presented our project to the class, our professor said this was like halfway through his next class’ coursework as he didn’t really get into the details of PHP in this class. So that’s great. Even better, Jon and I are both the class in the spring so I smell a continuation project happening. Look out for this site to blow up soon. I’m predicting the Facebook of the next decade.

I hope we get snow soon.




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2 responses to “Facelift.

  1. Love the facelift, Jon!! And congrats on being halfway through the pie! :-)))

  2. Oops…I meant a quarter of the way through!!!

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