The Ghost Inside

This is awesome. Continuing the tradition of Danger Mouse flipping conventional music media on its head, here is the latest video from Broken Bells, the pairing of Danger Mouse and Shins lead singer James Mercer.

The song is The Ghost Inside off of their self-titled debut album. This is the second video released for this song, and this one is far cooler in terms of being really off-the-wall zany. The whole thing is basically the entire video of Private Eyes by Hall & Oates, with Mercer’s mouth interposed over Daryl Hall’s. So you’re watching what was a terrible video from 1981 co-opted to make a cool video from 2010. Very reminiscent of Danger Mouse’s video mash-up from The Grey Album. The result is a little creepy looking, but man is it unique. This probably breaks several copyright laws of some kind. Danger Mouse rules.



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