Do you remembah the twenty-first night of Septembah?

September is shaping up to be the best month in months. More related to music than anything else, but some other things as well. Get a load of how many albums are coming out in just a few weeks time. Because of the uncertainty of release dates, I’ll list them alphabetically by album:

Clapton – Eric Clapton

Not much to say, other than this is probably going to be a pretty standard, run-of-the-mill Clapton album. That is to say, another awesome album of killer blues/pop tunes layered with the most melodic guitar playing you can hear in today’s music scene. Most people say John Mayer is the next real bluesman/guitar player of our generation; it’s because he essentially copies everything Clapton does musically. Smart move, because Clapton rocks. He can write great hooks and then throw a solo in that melts your face. Or heart. Depends what kind of mood you’re in. Either way, this is going to be a great album, no question.

Kaleidoscope Heart – Sara Bareilles

A few years back, Sara Bareilles hurtled onto the pop scene with her single Love Song and her debut album Little Voice. Holy cow does this woman have some pipes. Seriously, this whole album was full of hook after hook. Her voice sounded real. And bold, and unique. I think it was different because she had a powerful voice, and it was good, and there wasn’t a hint of disingenuousness* in it. I have heard the first single off this new album and I liked it, but I’m hoping that the deeper cuts will yield even better results. That’s how it was on her first one. Love Song was a great song, but holy cow there were loads of even greater songs on it. This will be an awesome album.

Lonely Avenue – Ben Folds & Nick Hornby

Any music by Ben Folds is a guaranteed winner**. Lyrics contributed by Nick Hornby, author of novels like About A Boy and High Fidelity. How could this thing be bad?
Nothing – N.E.R.D.
OK, this one I’m a little iffy on. Their last album was a pretty big let-down for me, mainly because the album before it was absolutely awesome. I won’t be buying this one on Day 1, but I’ll give it a listen and see if it has the potential to grow on me. I can’t give up on Pharrell yet.
Record Collection – Mark Ronson
Another one I’m unsure of at this point. I’ve only heard the first single, and it was a little synth-heavy for my taste. Ronson’s last solo album was really fun, he had horns going all over that thing and some great guest spots. This one, fewer guest spots, and possibly a more electro bent to it. Which isn’t bad, if it’s done well. I trust him to do it well.
Untitled – Adele
This one is the album whose release date could be pushed back as no real definitive release date has been set as of yet. It would be hard for me to not like this one though, or at least be more open-minded with this one than any of the others. Adele’s first album took forever to grow on me, but oh my did it ever grow on me. Her voice just enchants me, and musically her debut was really different for a pop album. Nothing cookie-cutter. And on this next album, she’s getting producing from Rick Rubin, flavored with a country-twinge, and she’s got some heavy hitters playing sessions with her, namely Pino Palladino (John Mayer Trio, D’Angelo, Clapton, anybody ever who wanted a good bass session player) and James Poyser (executive produced Al Green’s 2008 effort Lay It Down and worked on D’Angelo’s Voodoo, ’nuff said). It’s going to be awesome, even if it takes awhile to get into my system. Super, super excited about this one.
Wake Up Everybody – John Legend & The Roots
This is going to be another really fun album. I love soul music, especially when it’s redone to sound awesome by awesome musicians of our generation. Almost this whole album will be covers of old soul tunes from the ’70s. Awesome. I’ve started collecting the albums from which the covers are taken, and they are all really good. All of this music revamped by the one and only ?uestlove will just be fun. And it will be great to listen to John Legend and enjoy it again.
So considering that through the month of September, I will almost double the number of albums I have released in 2010, it’s safe to say that it will be the best music month of the year. Unless Kanye actually does release his new rap album in November. Here’s to hoping.
* this is almost not a real word.
** see: the spoken word album Has Been by William Shatner. Sounds like a recipe for disaster doesn’t it? Thanks to the incredible producing touch of Ben Folds, it’s an awesome listen.

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