Garfield minus Garfield.

This is a hilarious to me. I read the newspaper comics quite often as a kid, and there were a few that held a special place in my heart. Calvin & Hobbes, Foxtrot, The Far Side. These were all very funny comics strips. Then there were the others. Family Circus. Beetle Bailey. Marmaduke. But then there was Garfield. I think there was probably a time when I legitimately thought it was funny, but that passed quickly. When I got a bit older I realized it was just a stupid comic about a cat who thought things and a lonely, middle-aged guy who was the most pathetic character. Possibly ever.

This blog illustrates that perfectly. Imagine if Jon Arbuckle couldn’t understand Garfield’s thoughts, that Garfield was just his cat who was fat. The things Jon says would be horribly pathetic, wouldn’t they? This blog brilliantly has taken Garfield out of the Garfield comic strip and you’re left with just Jon Arbuckle and his pure, unadulterated loneliness. Far funnier than the actual comic strip.

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