I can hear my stomach grumbling at me.

After I graduated, I challenged myself to write one blog a week. It didn’t go well until the end of February, and I think since around then I’ve kept it up alright. So the only real reasons for this blog are that I want to get my one blog for the week and I’m hungry and don’t have much brain capacity for anything deeper than this.

I am very hungry right now. Colleen is meeting her mom out for dinner tonight so I’ve got to fend for myself. I could just eat a microwaveable pizza, but who the heck wants that when there is truly an assemblage of great fast food places close by? Here’s the rundown:
Great tasting food, but I feel worse after I’ve eaten a Mickey-D’s meal than any other fast food place. Why? Not sure, it might be from that documentary Super-Size Me, which I didn’t even see. Thanks brain for ruining a perfectly delicious restaurant. Super cheap and great fries. Except they have Coke products. Bummer.
Burger King:
One of my favorite fast food places. Cheap and good. And again, great fries. Good chicken sandwiches too, all on the dollar menu. Again though, Coke products. But after I’m done I don’t feel like I ingested straight fat into my arteries like I do after the golden arches.
Taco Bell:
Hey gang, let’s head south of the border! TB is such a great place to eat. A nice change from the normal cheeseburger. And even though every item on the menu is some permutation of cheese, beef, beans, and a shell, it’s all still really good. And Pepsi products, so I can get my Mt. Dew. Except for the Mt. Dew Baja Blast they have is awful, tastes like Listerine. Gross.
Long John Silver’s:
Anybody want flies on their food? Didn’t think so. Granted, I haven’t been to LJS’ for years and years, and I remember loving it when I was a kid, there just always seemed to be three or four flies cruising around the joint every time I ever went there. Weird. I should give it another go sometime soon.
Worst ad campaign ever, which is probably why most people I know say they “hate” this place. Too bad for them, because Hardee’s is the best fast food joint there is, no contest. It’s a bit on the pricier side, but it’s so worth it for what you get. Delicious, crispy fries, regular or curly. Giant drinks (even their medium puts other places larges to shame). Huge angus beef patties. I don’t even know what angus beef is, but man is it tasty. It’s just all fun food to eat. What a great place.
So there’s a quick rundown of what’s around to eat. I could also just get a large pepperoni pizza from Little Caesar’s for $5.35. One of the best deals around. But in the end, who really cares where I go for dinner except me? Weekly blog done.

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