"Hey, wha’ happened?"

These two clips are from the Christopher Guestdirected A Mighty Wind. The film is a fake documentary about the organization of a tribute concert featuring three old folk acts from the last 40 years and it stars much of the same cast as other movies directed by Christopher Guest: Best In Show, For Your Consideration, Waiting For Guffman, and the classic This Is Spinal Tap. I’m not a giant fan of any one of them; they’re all pretty funny but not laugh out loud. Except for these two clips. Each scene features Fred Willard as a ridiculous manager of one of the folk groups in this tribute concert. Colleen and I were crying after this first clip, we rewound it like four times. Not much else by way of introduction so here you go:

I can’t get over how funny his character is to me. The love of catchphrases, the fart machine, the whispering, his hair. His phrasing is just too funny. The “19seventymmmm” is such a funny idea, when I get that old and I ever have to reference anything from my 20s I’m going to do that everytime. Again, the movie as a whole is alright, but man this guy is thoroughly entertaining.

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