make up some music.

this thing is so freakin’ sweet.
click any of the squares. each square makes a tone. each square in a horizontal row makes the same tone at a different timed interval. if you light up two squares next to each other, there will be no pause between the tones. light up two squares with a space in between and you’ll get a longer interval between tones. likewise, each square in a vertical column makes tones; the lower the square in the column, the lower the tone. press space to clear the board and start over.
on top of that, if you click on the audiotool button below the grid, and then the audiotool button again on the next page, it loads a flashplayer program where you can basically make your own beats in your web browser. and we’re not just talking one simple keyboard here. there are so pedals, electric keyboards, soundboards, and other equipment that you can use to tweak your beat. i discovered all this like ten minutes ago so i hardly even know what kinds of stuff i can do. this is clearly for experts, i’m gonna look at it for like thirty seconds, not figure anything out and be done.
but the tone matrix is awesome. and simple. whether you spend a long time figuring out some nifty little beat in your head or you just randomly light up a bunch of squares, you’ll have a very cool sounding thing. have fun.
p.s. this is from k. west’s blog. bummer about him this weekend.

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