Jon’s 101th Blog Post Spectacular!

i just realized that i inadvertently missed my big 100th blog post by posting a joke about inter-species relations. oh well.

so i’ve actually written 100 blogs. that’s a pretty cool achievement for me, especially considering some of them were pretty substantial. others obviously were pretty dumb (see last post) but i’m decently proud of myself for keeping up with this for as long as i have. it’s a great feeling to write something and then put it out for anybody to stumble across. a good outlet. so thanks for reading. i don’t plan on quitting anytime soon.
as is hopefully noticeable to the avid reader of my blog, i’ve changed the look up a bit. this template is called rounders. don’t know why. i’ve seen some other blogs that are designed in very cool ways (awesome picture karlie), but i have no idea how to church this thing up other than changing background colors. oh well.

i’m also confused about font and almost more importantly, spacing of lines. i kind of feel like the blogspot service isn’t the most user friendly when it comes to organization.

but that’s what i intend on figuring out as i continue to blog. here’s to hoping you’ll stick around while i learn how to space all my lines evenly. that would be awesome.


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