edited to say: forgot to mention earlier that i am nearing my 100th blog, so when that happens i will update this mug just a bit. change fonts, maybe even a color or two. my buddy adam did it and it looks awesome and it will also look like i am copying him now. dang.
remember when i used to blog? the good ol’ days.
since it’s been over a month, here’s some stuff that’s happening as of late.
been listening to ben folds as much as i can. everything too, old/new/stuff with the five. smoke is still one of the most incredibly well-written songs i’ve ever heard. mulling over a possible Top 5 list of favorite songs. we’ll see.
my bachelor party was thrown last night. super great time. might put up pictures recap the night a bit. i want to give a tip o’ the cap to my best bud joel and the boys for putting on one hell of a party for me. thanks guys.
and along those lines, it is two weeks until i am married. in exactly two weeks time i will be shaking my tookus on the dance floor at my reception with my beautiful new bride and a bunch of our friends. i am super nervous but even more excited.
started reading a book now that my summer class finished and i’ve got a tad bit more free time. it’s called a severe mercy by sheldon vanauken. it’s a walk through of this guy’s relationship with his wife and has a lot of letters from his good friend c.s. lewis. pretty good so far.
while making the slideshow for the wedding, i got a glimpse of how cool i was in high school. seeing all the cool clothes i wore made me want to try and reclaim a bit of that former glory so i went out and bought a cards cap. holler.

and that little raspberry on my hand is from the bachelor party. i was a 1st-time kayaker.
consider yourself updated. i’m off to work.

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  1. that hat = when my mr. freeze grudge began.

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