whatever works.

great news. the trailer is finally out for whatever works, a new comedy written and directed by woody allen. that’s not the great news. the great news is that it stars larry david. for the uninitiated, larry david co-created seinfeld along with jerry seinfeld and currently stars in curb your enthusiasmon hbo. i wasn’t allowed to watch seinfeld growing up, so i never really got into it when i was younger, and i’ve only recently started to watch it more often, and it’s funny. but it’s definitely no curb your enthusiasm. the character of george was based on larry david, but nobody plays that character better than larry david himself, and that’s why curb is funnier to me.

can’t get off track. i just watched the trailer and while it’s clearly no annie hall, it looks like the funniest woody allen movie i’ve seen in a while. and finally, FINALLY, a woody allen movie that doesn’t star the insufferable scarlett johansson. gosh i hate that woman. larry david is just a funny guy. he has funny mannerisms, his cadence is funny to me, his face just makes me laugh. and while the supporting cast isn’t full of any of my favorites, it still looks solid enough to make for a very good woody allen yarn. now i just hope it will be released somewhere around cedar falls. doubtful.

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  1. did you even know what seinfeld was growing up?


    you wouldn’t know good acting if it marched through the doors and gave you head shots and decorative soaps.

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