spring break ’09 and not a single free day to do what i want.

i have all these great ideas about things to write about. i write the ideas down, then i never get to expanding on them. i’m giving you a list of my most recent thoughts so i will have more of a push to actually write them.

1. recap of my first gig.

2. track by track review of eric clapton’s reptile.

3. why i think snl kind of sucks lately (i know it sounds like i’m jumping on a bandwagon that’s been rollin’ along for almost a decade now but i’ve got some legit thoughts about it, let me explain myself.)

4. conan o’brien. this one might not show up for awhile cause i might just turn this into a Top 5 Comedians type of blog. we’ll see.

and then a quick little one i’m about to jot down and post. brb.


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