before the music dies. is one of the greatest sites i’ve been introduced to in awhile. while they don’t have all the tv shows one might want, they have a heck of a lot of good ones. they have all of nbc’s late night talk shows (which are clearly the best), lots of great sitcoms (all three seasons of arrested development, always the most current office and 30 rock episodes, etc.), and even full movies. there aren’t loads but they are free.

i just finished watching a documentary called before the music dies. it discusses the current state of american music and the american music industry. included are interviews with lots of musicians, including ?uestlove, erykah badu, doyle bramhall ii, bonnie raitt, branford marsalis, eric clapton, dave matthews, and others, and also some industry insiders, including music critics, a&r personnel, label execs, etc. if there is something i love, it is listening to real musicians talk about music. these people are people who know what they are talking about it because they live it. this is their niche, whether they are musicians or critics or labelmen. some really interesting thoughts about where our music is currently and where it’s come from and hopefully where it is going.

it’s about an hour and a half, so if you’ve got the time, please watch it. just go here. it’s a fascinating documentary about the unraveling of the music industry and its intense commercialization in the last ten to twenty years. i can tell that something is communicating its ideas well when i actually want to turn it off so i can listen to good music. about halfway through i paused the movie and listened to a few tracks off bob dylan’s the times they are a changin’. this got me excited to work harder, or at least be more intentional in my music listening, and making sure my time is put towards real pieces of art.

and come on. the opening segment of the movie is just one of the most incredible performances by anybody i’ve ever seen. look at how that man dances!


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