the debut of the immortal string trio.

get a load of this.

this is on the official website of a local bar called the hub. i am playing there tomorrow night with two local performers slash friends, eli and bruce. eli is in a band called the barefoot compadres and they’ve played together for awhile and they are awesome. lots of college-y type covers, but the good ones. no crash or banana pancakes here. stuff like oar, old crow medicine show, amos lee, etc. and bruce plays all over the place, here in cedar falls, cedar rapids, and last time we practiced he was telling me about a gig he had just done in des moines. he plays mainly solo but also duos with eli occasionally. and he sounds like chris cornell. it’s incredible. actually both of them have killer voices, eli fronts barefoot compadres and sounds like a mix of everybody he sings, so when they sing together it’s a great blend. awesome harmony.

so a few weeks ago eli and i are out with some friends and he asks if i want to come and jam with him and bruce the next day and the next day comes and we jam, bruce teaches us a new song that he wants to start playing and then they ask me to play with them for this gig. yikes. i feel like the little brother tagging along with a brother and his cool friend. these two guys play all the time around town and even in other towns, and when i play i’m usually sitting on my bed in front of my computer playing along with itunes, not in front of real people who are drinking real drinks and listening and watching me play. i’m mortified.

i think it’ll be fun though. the two or three times the three of us have met and played our set we gel really well and sound pretty good if i can say that. we play a mix of the stuff the two of them play, folksy acoustic rock type of stuff. nothing flashbang but fun to sit and drink to and even more fun to stand and play. i’m looking forward to it. if at least just to get a real gig under my belt and not be so nervous next time. should be fun though. if you’re around, come check it out. the hub, wednesday night around 9.


p.s. i had no input whatsoever into what was put onto the hub’s website, especially concerning me. i actually have no idea who wrote that. just wanted to clear any doubt.


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3 responses to “the debut of the immortal string trio.

  1. oh MAN. 100% of me wants to be in CF tomorrow night. jeeeeez thats tight.

  2. karlie nicole cooper.

    you got THREE exclamation points.

  3. karlie nicole cooper.

    but upon further review – so did free admission.

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