decently annoyed by two things.

1. ordering pizza for a large group. lets say you’ve got about 12 people and you want to order three pizzas for everybody. that’s about two pieces per person. sounds good, especially if you’re out at a restaurant and the pizzas are pretty expensive. the problem is when you start ordering toppings. in a group of 12, there are bound to be people who want something a little out of the ordinary, canadian bacon/pineapple, anything with mushrooms, etc. if there are even two people who want a specialty pizza, one of the three pizzas that is ordered will be specialty, and if you’re really unlucky, maybe even two of the pizzas will be specialty, leaving the last one to be something relatively normal, like some kind of meat, pepperoni, sausage, etc. when the pizzas arrive, everybody starts grabbing their pieces, but the people who wanted the specialty pizzas very often end up grabbing at least one of the regular pieces, leaving so much less for the people who didn’t want anything weird to begin with. just unfair. i think pizzas in large groups should be restricted to normal toppings, mainly meats, unless the greater majority of the eaters want specialties.

2. bowling. one of the more intimidating sports for amateurs. i guess maybe just cause most people are awesome at it, and when it is your turn, it’s just you up there, all by yourself, and after you’ve thrown the ball, you’ve got about 7 seconds of just watching it roll. there is nothing for you to do but stand and watch. and then you turn around and endure the 6-8 foot walk back to your chair while all your competitors watch you. kind of uncomfortable. you just walk, you’re not holding anything and you have nothing to do with your hands. it’s a weird feeling.



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