finals week.

i’m in a random room of prairie lakes bible church, sitting at a table with my friends joel and ryan and pretending to study. prairie lakes opens up its facilities for finals week, staying open until midnight each night, providing lots of study room and tons of free food for the students. it is awesome.

this is why finals week is always great. everybody seems more stressed, but there are cool things like a big church offering help to the college kids. and my take on finals is pretty unstressful; my work all semester is where i’m stressed rather than finals. when finals roll around it’s like i’ve done what i’ve done, usually my finals are not make or break my grade type important. pulling all nighters is so pointless to me because it’s like cramming isn’t going to help my final grade at all. so while i still study and get the last few bits of information into my head, i don’t let finals get me down.

plus, i’m three days away from being absolutely done with this semester and three weeks long of working at family video (closing christmas eve, opening christmas morning, among others), playing guitar, reading the hobbit/lord of the rings, and beating grand theft auto iv and lego indiana jones with joel. and hoo boy am i excited. it’s a bummer that i don’t get this excited about what i’m doing with my education because it would be phenomenally easier to wake up and go to class if i was excited about it. instead, i get excited at the end of my school day when i can go home and read things about music artists or discover remix albums or watch movie trailers or blog or anything of that nature. i feel like an hour playing video games with joel is more productive than an hour long class because i am deepening a friendship (no matter how pointless one might think video games are, they can serve as a catalyst for real fellowship) instead of learning about lipids. who gives a crap about lipids? honestly.

why can’t there be some major in school which involves blogging. listening to tons of music and telling people about it. playing guitar with other musicians. it sucks. instead i’m learning about the molecular cofactors involved in the electron transport chain and which parts of the brain affect motor function. interesting stuff yes, but to me? not particularly. can’t help thinking i’ve chosen the wrong things to focus on in school.

whatever. i’ve got another semester-ish to finish and then i can get a job and learn how the real world works. go to work during the day and then come home and have my evenings to myself and my wife. sounds great. in the meantime though, lego indiana jones is pretty fun.


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  1. i can’t help but think i’ve chosen the wrong things to learn about in school as well. i guess we are almost done though…can’t wait to see you sometime, by the way!

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