love’s in need of love today.

finally we can be done with pre-election talk. the problem is that now post-election talk starts. and my goodness is it vicious. i have a feeling in about a day i’m going to wish it was still pre-election time.

the problem i see is this. although everyone is talking about the atmosphere of unity that is coming over our nation, it’s hard for me to see it. that’s not to say i don’t see it at all. america just elected the first african-american president in our nation’s history. that is a solid step away from the awful racial division in this country. where it’s hard for me to see unity is the callous attacks from both conservative and liberal camps towards the other side. we have our new president-elect, he’s black, he’s liberal, he promotes change, hope, and unity, and conservatives are hurling rage and hate towards his supporters. on the other hand, the bipartisanship that obama has attested to is nowhere to be found where i’ve seen. today there was such a smug feeling on campus of “in your face” from obama supporters to mccain supporters. instead of following obama’s message of change and hope and unity, the presidential race has been degraded into a “nanee nanee boo boo” contest. it’s so petty. both sides are reduced to children because their guy won or their guy lost. this was not what obama, nor mccain, was encouraging during this campaign. do we honestly think that mccain supporters were more interested in ensuring the republican party’s future rather than supporting this country, or that obama is getting prepared to make america a communist nation? at the core, i think both parties want the same thing. democracy, freedom, hope to hold on to. it’s a shame to get so blinded.

both parties are guilty of it. and it’s awful. it makes me doubt the real passion of the citizens in this country to make things better rather than just to have their guy win. i sincerely think that of the 56 million people who voted for mccain, the overall goal was the same as the goal obama supporters ascribed to, to better our nation. but to see supporters of both sides lash out in this horrible way is such a disappointment and completely against what this race was about. this race was about how to move our country forward toward real democracy and freedom, to uphold the ideals that the people who founded this country believed in. neither party should be faulted for having an opinion, and i believe that, even if i don’t agree with someone else’s opinion. it’s sad to me that people automatically disregard things someone says because they supported mccain, or obama, and i’m guilty of that just the same. this country was founded on freedom. i just wish both sides would focus on that more than the differences that divide us. and in the meantime, just because the election is over does not at all mean the time for action is over. our nation is struggling, and this is when it needs its citizens the most. go volunteer at a food bank. pick up some trash. get involved in the political system in your city. ride your bike more. work harder at school. read more. this election does not signal the end of our involvement in our country’s betterment.

i think this sums it up perfectly:



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