i just put together an incredible playlist on itunes. actually i didn’t do any work, i just threw all of amos lee’s albums into a playlist and threw it on party shuff. so great.

but i’m concerned, as i will want to listen to it tomorrow during my day on campus, and campus is so freakin’ noisy. noise kills me. and it’s everywhere. you can’t walk anywhere, drive anywhere, eat anywhere, without being bombarded with just a constant stream of clamor. it’s ridiculous. more often than not i’m listening to music, but there are times when even i like just straight silence, but that’s so hard to come by nowadays.

for example, i was listening to my al green playlist the other day at lunch, and i walked in to the dining center and to even remotely hear the music in my headphones, i had to turn it up way loud. since that’s clearly not good for anybody’s ear drums, i had to pause it until i was finally able to get to my table. it’s just noise everywhere. the union is noisy, people are noisy, food is noisy to make. it’s so obnoxious. and there is a beautiful facet of music that has to be turned up to hear in a semi-noisy situation. amos lee fits that category. so soulful. so quiet. so much depth behind his voice and it gets ruined if it’s listened to among hubbub.

i’m longing all the time for less noise. and more melody. and always more harmony. and amos lee’s voice is the perfect melody in such a noisy world. listening to him quiets me down so much. click play and close your eyes for three minutes and eight seconds. it’s even better if you use headphones.

here’s to the quiet.



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  1. i had just put a recent playlist on shuffle and it landed on an amos lee tune…at the very same time, i began reading this blog entry. weird. (and pretty cool as well)

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