it has been nearly a month since i last posted anything. a lot of that has been lack of motivation slash anything worth writing about, BUT this last week has given me some awesome pieces of news to pass along.

about four and a half hours ago i finished my 4th test of the week. my last class ended at 3:15, and now i’m in my room, chomping on some old dutch fat free pretzel sticks and downing some hy-vee orange soda. as soon as i finish this quick blog i’ll probably start playing guitar. my roommates are nowhere to be found so i’ll probably move my amp and guitar upstairs and plug my ipod into our receiver and really crank up the volume. fridays are such good days.

today is also the start of homecoming, and the end of the most stressful week ever. four tests and an assignment in the fifth class. all done now. and this weekend is full of firsts for me. since i wasn’t a partyer at all when i went to iowa, i never partook in the homecoming festivities there, and i think last fall i was out of town so i didn’t celebrate uni’s homecoming last year, so this weekend is my first ever. activites include:

tonight – pep rally at 8 pm, hanging out on the hill until a quarter till 12, then campaniling at midnight. campaniling is a old tradition on lots of college campuses where lots of people meet at the bell tower at midnight and kiss when it rings. so tons of drunk kids kissing at the campanile? how could you go wrong.

tomorrow – TAILGAITING. i’ve never had a real tailgating experience, because this year i’ve worked during the day every home game we’ve had, so it just has never happened. tomorrow though we’re doing it right. my roommates and i are dropping our cars off in the dome parking lot tonight to secure a zone, a sector that’s specifically for us, and then tomorrow around noon we’re gonna go hang out all afternoon, grilling/drinking/playing music/throwing frisbees. what a relaxing time. i’m also really hoping it’s a cold day because i really want to wear my t-hoodie. we’ll see about the weather.

so that’s my fun weekend. a perfect end to this stressload week.

also, much much more importantly, i became engaged to be married last friday night. in one week’s time (the few unstressful times of this week), we’ve set a date, booked the church and the pastor, and are inches away from booking the reception hall, which means all the other planning can be set aside for a few weeks/months so we can just take a nice long breather and enjoy being engaged. such an exciting, surreal experience. i can start talking out loud about getting married to colleen because it’s actually going to happen and it’s not inappropriate anymore! so just so everybody who reads this is aware, and something i’ve wanted to say for a long time:


holy moly what a great time to be alive.

all this to say hopefully i will start posting more often. i’d love to make it once a week but no promises. i’m off to play guitar.


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