finally. something new.

ok. i had a blog started about being back in the states, leaving spain, starting my summer, all this thoughtful stuff. then i got bored of it. here’s what i decided to write instead.

i sincerely hope to keep my blog up. it’s a nice outlet, even though i have no idea how many people read it. but lately it’s been hard, not enough time to just sit around and write. but i’m sitting in joel’s room right now, waiting until the movie he and ryan are watching gets over so we can pop in either strange wilderness or batman (the michael keaton one) so i had some free time now. tomorrow N*E*R*D’s new album comes out, seeing sounds, which hopefully will result in a new blog. a week later coldplay’s new album comes out, which i am insanely excited for, which will almost certainly result in a new blog. in three days i’ll be able to throw down a new itunes update, which i didn’t think i was gonna do after my last one sucked but with the new al green album that came out a few weeks ago and the fact that i’m in a full blown kanye west phase, i’m really excited to see how my play counts have mixed up.

this just in. i just finished listening to the 30 second clips of seeing sounds, and i am out of my mind excited about it. i would buy it on itunes but i am kind of against buying music off itunes, as onboard as i am with everything mac (that could make for a dece blog.) i will probably just sleep and go grab it in the morning at best buy.

so here are the few thoughts i had in my failed return-to-iowa blog. i like iowa. i like farmlands. i like my girlfriend. and my friends. i was right about my trip to spain. it felt good to be there, and even better to come home. this is my real home. being with colleen is home. i learned tons, and it’s so good to be back here. and i really encourage you to go out and buy N*E*R*D’s album tomorrow. it’s gonna be bomb.


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