summer jams.

does anybody need another reason to be amped for this summer? i’ve got one:

God has now officially smiled on this summer and given it a thumbs up. here’s some more info.

“The special, expanded John Mayer live-in-concert DVD/CD “Where The Light Is” will arrive July 1. The new “live” package will be available as a 2-CD set, a DVD (regular and Blu-Ray HD), a CD/DVD combo and a multi-disc vinyl set with an enclosed download card.” –

how exciting is that? a new dvd/cd combo. this concert was held last december, and the killer thing is that it was part john mayer solo/acoustic, part john mayer trio (reuniting for the first time in like a year and a half), and part john mayer with his current band. absolutely a 5-star show. i’ve got the audience recording of it, and it’s phenomal, so it will be extra great to get the actual soundboard show. SO GREAT. come quick summer. i’m waiting.



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2 responses to “summer jams.

  1. i’m confused as to how this post obtained the “spain” label.and i’m also confused as to where john mayer came from. that was so fall 07 – back when ilike was cool.

  2. Jon

    all the posts while i’m in spain get the spain tag. there will probably be one big blog after getting back into the states concerning my trip, which will also be tagged spain, and then hopefully that will be the end of that tag.

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