1080 hours.

that’s not exact, but it’s a fairly close estimate of how much time i have left in a foreign country. and truth be told, i’m getting more and more excited all the time. especially cause out of the 6 weekends i have left here, only 2 of them are totally free. how about a rundown of what’s up and coming.

weekend 1. this next one. nothing big planned. last weekend, blake and i took a trip with his brother and his bro’s coworker to san sebastian (much more on that soon), and on the way back we stopped in santander. it was way too cold and windy to really enjoy it, but i could tell if there was the sun, it would be super awesome to go see. so it probably won’t happen this weekend, considering it has been rainy all day today and i don’t know when it will stop, but if not this weekend sometime soon.

weekend 2. the 19th, the erasmus organization here is organizing a killer day trip to the picos de europa, the famous northern mountain range. it’s way cheap for the bus ride there and back, and our group organizers have told us that it is insanely gorgeous. yes.

weekend 3. as far as i know this might be one of the free weekends. but a fellow student just told me that we have that friday off, so something will probably go down here. maybe the trip to santander, who knows. other trips possible, to A Coruña, a town in the northwest corner of the country. it’s home to the world’s oldest functioning lighthouse, called the tower of hercules. it was allegedly constructed by hercules himself, so that would be sweet to see something a mythological being made.

weekend 4. here’s a big one. we have the thursday of that weekend off, so my buddy sean wanted to take advantage of it and head to london where he has some friends studying. so he and i are heading off to london on thursday, we’ll spend friday and half of saturday there, and then saturday afternoon we are flying on to dublin. i am way excited. everything i’ve heard about london is that it’s expensive, but i’m happy cause sean and i are only gonna be there a day, and he’s not into the party lifestyle much, so the only thing we are really gonna have to pay for is food. holler. and dublin will be great. he and i are both way excited to see as much of the city as we can. and that’ll be two more countries under my belt. awesome.

weekend 5. since the first “american weekend” was such a hit, our organizers luna and paula decided to try and set another one up. this one will be great too though, we’re going to a different spot, on one of the northern beaches of asturias, and canoeing is one of the possible activities. canoeing?! get out of town. and our hostel has all the meals included and all that. super psyched about it.

weekend 6. the second free weekend i’ve got. and also the last before i depart for the states. man how sweet that sounds. as each day goes by i get more excited to return, and i’m getting this newfound desire to take advantage of as much as i can while i’m still here. we might be heading to santander this weekend, spend the last weekend before the departure to soak up some sun and chill out before our last week of classes. and how ridiculous is this. the previous week is our finals week, and THEN we have another week of classes! it’s how they do things here in spain. finals, then a week of classes, to return tests to students, cover any last topics. how pointless.

weekend 7. The Return. so psyched. i’m really excited to get back into the swing of american things, eating mexican food, making money, studying my @$$ off for the mcat in august.

good things are on the way. bring ’em on.


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