read this first.

this is just a quick preface to the next blog. just for the aesthetic quality, i wanted to preface the next blog a bit but i didn’t want the preface in the actual blog itself. so here it is. plus, upping the blog count all the time. anyway, i’ve had this idea for a long time: take one of my Top 5 Favorite ____ lists and write about each entry on the list. the only reason i’m starting with break-up songs is because it’s one of the few Top 5 lists i actually have completed. i’m not depressed or anything. and i’m not breaking up with my lovely girlfriend colleen anytime soon (mark forstrom ref.) these are just songs that really get inside and mean a lot to me; these are songs that i will always keep coming back to because they have so much soul and meaning in them. they communicate such beautiful ideas and make me glad i have music in my life. more Top 5 lists will hopefully be on the way, but it will probably be a long time before i do another one. they’re pretty time-consuming. i have it set up so the title/artist is first, followed by the lyrics of the song, followed by the actual song, and then finished off with my thoughts. this way, you can decide for yourself if you want to read through the song first or read while listening or whatever you want. so here you go.



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