Paris, Sunday: Day 3

we woke up on sunday really early in order to get to the airport in time for our 9:50 flight. we were both ridiculously tired, but with blake being a little sick, i think it was harder on him. we got checked in and slept a bit until our plane was ready to go and then slept on the plane until we got to bilbao. once we got to bilbao, we hopped on a bus and headed over to the guggenheim. we grabbed a bit of food from a kiosk and ate in front of puppy PICTURE. it is a pretty cool looking thing. those are all real flowers.

the guggenheim museum itself is a really cool building. just totally weird design, totally stands out from all the antique looking architecture around spain. we went inside and paid; it was cheaper than the louvre (obviously) and an audio guide came included in the price, sweet. pictures are prohibited inside the museum though, so that was kind of a bummer slash a good thing. the guggenheim houses some of the most out of this world surrealist art. pictures would’ve been almost dumb to try and take. we saw lots of cool stuff in there, the problem is that we saw a lot more stuff that didn’t make any sense. surrealism is just so pointless to me. i like the interpretation aspect of art, but if it’s just so off the wall that you can’t make out a theme or something in the piece, it’s pointless. i don’t even know what else to say about it. i enjoy seeing art and being pleased by its aesthetic qualities; i don’t enjoy looking at something and not knowing what is going on or not being able to see anything beautiful in it. i guess i just don’t get it.

so in a nutshell, that was the guggenheim. worth the 7 euros, just a weird place. and then we missed our bus and had to wait in bilbao seven extra hours. real cool alsa bus company.

and that was our weekend. overall it was good. paris is an absolutely gorgeous city and i would love to return one day. especially after learning french. or at least after watching beauty and the beast again.



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