i hope this never happens again.

right now, i am in an internet shop. not a cafe, just a place to go in, pay a little more than a euro per hour, and use the internet. i am here out of necessity. i made a terrible, terrible mistake earlier in the day, and as a result of this error, blake and i are stuck in bilbao seven hours longer than we thought. we had tickets for a bus back to oviedo at 6:30 pm, but we ended up missing it. not because we were late, mind you, but only because we were on the wrong effing side of the bus station. a very small, outdoor bus station, at that. we were waiting at parking space #11, not for bus #11, and now we are in an internet shop killing time. the next possible bus we could take leaves at 1:45 am. what a horrible thing. the worst possible way to end a fun weekend in another foreign country. but blake has been great about it and not derided me about my dumb move, and we are making the most of the sitch.

but a quick recap of the weekend, to be expanded on later. what a crazy trip. thursday night sucked(as will tonight); sleep on these buses is near impossible and so we got(and tonight we will get) very little sleep. friday sucked too. we had to fend for ourselves all day, and even though we saw tons of the louvre, fending for yourself in a country where you can only say “hello”, “excuse me”, and “thank you” is not a good time. saturday was super great. we met up with blake´s old friend rémy from high school, saw so much of the city, completely wore ourselves out. sunday we woke up early, waited for what seemed like forever at the airport, got back to bilbao, visited the guggenheim, missed our bus, and are now side by side at this shop. bum deal.

i just had an idea. i´ve still got an hour and fifteen minutes before this place closes, so i´m gonna split the weekend into three separate posts. one for each day. this serves me twofold*: lets me continue writing until this place closes and ups my blog count. so go read the next post.


* i don´t think i used “twofold” correctly.

p.s. it´s almost time for this shop to close and i´m not even close to being done with day 1 of the weekend so i will finish it tomorrow and/or as soon as i get around to it. it will come packed with pictures and other great stuff too.

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