just press play.

EDITED OCTOBER 17, 2011: I wrote this on Blogger and had experimented with an embedded music player on the right hand column. That no longer exists and I have no way to track down what song I featured. I can only assume it was either “Baby Be Mine” or “P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)“. Take your pick.

ok, new thing off to the right. go ahead, click the play button. enjoy. this is one of the greatest pop songs i’ve ever listened to in my life.

this music player thing is giving me a bit of a headache. i’m trying to figure out a way to embed a player right into a blog rather than just off to the side. the problem with the way it is now is that i can’t modify that playlist at all, i can either take it down or leave it up, as/is. which is a bit frustrating because i want to be able to embed the player directly into a blog, so i can write something about a song and then have the song right there so you can listen to it. what a great thing that would be. if i could figure out how to do that, the number of blogs concerning music would very likely shoot through the roof.

until then, however, just listen to this classic mj tune while it’s up. it will almost certainly make your day better.


p.s. duh another super important blog i forgot about! i have this sweet playlist on itunes that has bunches of famous/not famous rap songs and the older tunes that they sample. if that doesn’t make any sense, it will when i’ve finally written it. it’ll be sweet though.


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