a blog about blogging? such self-reflexivity.

so far i feel pretty good about my blog activity since coming to spain. i’ve been writing a fair amount, and having lots of good ideas of things to write. i think to keep me accountable, i’m gonna start a list of blog ideas. i’ll X them out as i write about them.

things i’d like to write about in the future:

my Top 5 Lists, including:
Top 5 Songs
Top 5 Artists
Top 5 Albums
Top 5 Producers
Top 5 Showbiz entertainers
Top 5 Breakup Songs
i could use suggestions.

i also have something in the works about rap music. what i love about it, different aspects, different artists, lots more. problem with this one is that i started it when i was heavy into kanye’s graduation. i’m now listening to different albums and my intense love for rap music has subsided a bit. i’ll keep writing as soon as kanye gets under my skin again.

i’d love to write about d’angelo’s brilliant album “voodoo”, but i’m not sure i could even do it justice. a few years ago john mayer wrote an open letter to d’angelo in esquire magazine, asking him to get back into the studio and record something new to follow up voodoo because it was one of the single best soul albums of the last ten or so years. he goes on to say marvelous things about voodoo, effectively everything i would want to say. bummer. so part of me really wants to write about voodoo cause i am just enamored of the album, and part of me doesn’t even want to try and touch it cause voodoo is just that good.

obviously i’ll keep writing about cool stuff that happens here on my trip while it happens. example: paris trip coming up in a week. getting incredibly psyched for it.

so i guess i don’t really have any good ideas except writing about music. i bet if i had my guitar i wouldn’t need to use this dumb blog as a musical outlet. buzzkill.




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2 responses to “a blog about blogging? such self-reflexivity.

  1. buzzkill for you.great for those of us who give a rip about your top 5s.which may or may not just be me.but its great for that.

  2. and ps i feel like your blogs are WAY more thought out than mine and are much more interesting to read. low five.

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