i know this is the buzz, the talk of the town right now, but i want to write about it cause it’s affected me in a weird way. i was really shocked and actually kind of sad about heath ledger’s death. and i don’t know why. it’s not like i was the moderator of his fan club’s discussion board or anything. i liked most of the movies i saw him in, thought he was a pretty good actor, clearly a handsome dude. as far as crap teen movies go, 10 things i hate about you is one of my favorites. he seemed like a nice guy, in interviews i saw or whenever he was on tv. i was never in love with him though, never a huge huge fan, and that’s why i don’t understand why i’m kind of sad about his passing. maybe it just seems tragic to me, anyone dying at 28. that’s so young. he had a two years old daughter. it doesn’t matter that he was famous, any two years old girl losing her dad to what seems like an accident is horrible. i’ve read most articles i could find on yahoo, cnn, and mtvnews, and what i’ve gathered is that absolutely no illegal drugs were found in his apartment, just sleeping pills. it also seems to me as though it was accident. i don’t know. i think part of it seems a bit closer to home to me because for the last few months i have been following/ GREATLY anticipating The Dark Knight. as soon as i had heard that heath ledger was cast as The Joker, i was immediately stoked. i thought it was a perfect fit. when i first saw the mug shot of The Joker released as part of the viral marketing campaign, i was totally creeped out and equally amped. i knew he was perfect for the part. heath ledger had personified The Joker into exactly what i had always imagined he was like in real life (by real life i mean my imagination). so i had been keeping up with the movie and its production for awhile, and now to hear about heath ledger’s death, it’s just sad. not really because he was famous or a celebrity but because he was a dad; he seemed a nice young guy. it’s not going to change my life. just kind of a sad thing. and he will be mourned for awhile, and especially around the release of The Dark Knight. (is it respectful to still be extremely excited for what could very well be one of my Top Five Favorite Movies Of The Last Decade?) but his memory will eventually fade, and our culture will goo-gaa over whatever other ridiculous celebrity is making the news. he was just a talented actor, and a nice young guy. and now he’s gone. The Dark Knight still looks incredible.

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